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Our Mission

At Salt Steel Brewing Co, we are passionate about growing the craft culture. The brewery has roots that stretch from the salt mines of Cheshire, to the steel mills of Teesside, and beyond. A Beer birthed from the lands of industrialism. As strong as our structures, as different as all the people that make our communities great. Hard graft, strong will. We don’t give up.

We stand proud with our craft beer brothers and sisters joining the fight against crap commercial beer. We all deserve better beer in our glasses. There is a choice.

At Salt Steel our passion is people and beer. Amazing people, have amazing stories. We love to tell those stories whilst drinking great beer. Together.

Mined from the earth. Forged in Steel.

A Royal Hello!

…or something. I dunno, I was trying to link this post with the coranation, my first title was “Return of […]

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That’s the Spirit!

Hey guys! It’s finally time. This little project is growing all the time, and I’m so excited to present to […]

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It’s Been a While! Micro Brewery Update 🍻

Hey guys! Hope you are all well. It’s been a very busy time, but the socials and website/youtube have all […]

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