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Our Story

At Salt Steel Brewing Co, we are passionate about great craft beer, and we want to share that beer with you. Whether you are an established cicerone, or you haven’t dipped your toe into craft beer yet, our beer is for you, it’s for everyone. The brewery has roots that stretch from the salt mines of Cheshire, to the steel mills of Teesside, and beyond. A brewery birthed from the lands of industrialism. As strong as our structures, as different as all the people that make our communities great. Hard graft, strong will. We don’t give up.

Our HQ is based in the hustle of bustle of Middlesbrough. A town synonymous with the iron and steel industry. Grafters!! Steel works, cooling towers, blast furnaces dust the skyline, as well as the famous Transporter Bridge. Teesside shares the industrial link with the North West town of Northwich, famous for its Salt mines, as well as being the birth place of that guy that wrote that song about liking Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

Syd Senior, Liam’s late grandfather, made the journey from Northwich to Teesside on numerous occasions when he worked at ICI, a journey Liam would follow decades later. Liam, born and raised outside the Salt town of Northwich, now resides in the ‘Boro, a newfound smoggy and parmo convert. And what better to accompany the famous parmo, than a nice hoppy IPA.

Here in Teesside we are working hard to develop our beers and bring them to you! Whether you’re from the Boro, Northwich or anywhere around the world, we hope you’ll enjoy what our brewery has to offer. (Although do bare in mind we will only be able to ship to the UK initially, so… you get what we mean!)

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