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Back with less of a gap, it’s time to talk spirits. so pumped to be sharin gthis one with you! 👊🏻

Long time, no speak! Hope you’re well. In this video Liam gives an update on what’s been happening, beer, event, spirits and more!

Welcome / Welcome Back! In this video Liam gives a much needed update on what’s been happening at Salt Steel HQ, and also what 2022 has in store.

Salt Steel v Saltburn – NEW Beer and Spirits?!

In this video Liam hits up Saltburn to drop off some beers, and also drop some big updates. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The Big Brew Round 2 -(But with a Drone)

Back with another update. The BIG brew is done, its canned. Its kegged. Lets GO!!

The Big Brew – May 2021 Update

In this video Liam updates you all on Salt Steels launch of Strip Tees IPA. We have now completed a BIG brew on the large kit, brewing 3,000l of Strip Tees IPA for Can and Keg. Lets GO!


[BEER UPDATE] Let’s try that again shall we?

Right, we’ve changed the recipe, we’ve fixed the issue. So lets do this!


[Brew update] – New Year, New Beer

After more set backs, lockdowns and general 2020…. we are ready to go again in 2021. Let’s do this!!

[Beer update]

Here we go again…


IT’S HERE! We are finally canning STRIP TEES. This is a vlog/Broll montage of the day, showing you some more behind the scenes footage from Salt Steel Brewing Co.


After a long year, we are finally brewing and it’s been loads of fun sharing our journey with you. In this video Liam takes you behind the scenes of our big brew day.

Happy Halloween

ooooOOOOOOoooo it’s Halloween!! What’s everyone doing this weekend? Scary thing is – we’re brewing in a few days – Arrrrrggghhhh!!!! What scary films do you LOVE? Let us know in the comments, and staaaayyyy spooookkyyy…

Less than a week to go!!

Can you believe it?! We are less than one week away from the big brew day. In this video Liam gives an insight into what’s going to be happening, and pretty much just how excited he is.


That’s right – its time, its happening. FINALLY! We are going into full production mode for our first IPA. In this video Liam talks about whats happening now and when we will have beer to sell. So buckle up!


In this video Liam talks through the latest updates as we’ve been given the green light to start brewing! You’ll find out when we’ll be brewing and what’s happening next!

Licence to Spill – Two Down, One to Go…

In this video Liam cracks open another one of our test batches and talks through the brewery licencing process. There are three different variations of licence we need, and we’re sorting out the last one! Getting so close now…

Beer Tasting With Salt Steel!

In this episode of Salt Steel TV Liam talks through one of the latest small batch beers to be bottled as we gear towards our first big brew.

The Story of Salt Steel… GET INVOLVED!

Liam talks through how Salt Steel Brewing Co. started, where the name came from, what we’ve been doing, what’s next… and how you can make this YOUR brewery!! GET INVOLVED!


Liam discusses comments from the last video, merch and the news that we’re BACK IN THE BREWERY!!!

330ml vs. 440ml: ROUND 1 – FIGHT

Liam opens up the debate on whether or not to initially can our flagship beer to 330ml or 440ml cans. Whats your favourite and why? Let us know!

Launching a Brewery During Lockdown!!

First of many videos giving you an update on everything that’s happening, or sometimes NOT happening, with Salt Steel Brewing Co.


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